Beaupre Law Reinvents the Legal Service Model with Subscription Plans for Businesses

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Beaupre Law is excited to announce our new “Outside Counsel” business law subscription plans! When you join any of our business legal subscription plans, you get more than just legal advice and service – you get a partner who is truly invested in your success.

Our Outside Counsel business legal subscription plans lower the barrier to legal advice by eliminating hourly rates and providing transparent up-front pricing, at a fixed monthly payment. This allows businesses to proactively prevent legal problems before they arise, and gain confidence that your business is legally secure.

When your business is part of Beaupre Law’s Outside Counsel plan, you have a legal team that is fully invested in your business. The subscription plan model means that our law firm is incentivized to find ways to help your business. And, it’s just another way that Beaupre Law is disrupting the traditional law practice model – by being a relationship-driven law firm, focused on developing lasting relationships with all of our clients.

What’s included in our Business Law Subscription Plans? All of our plans allow businesses to access an attorney for routine legal services and advice, with the certainty of a fixed monthly subscription fee. Each plan includes recurring monthly check-in meetings with the attorney, a comprehensive annual business risk assessment, document review services, and state annual renewal filings. Higher-level plans add trademark applications, estate plans for business owners, and discounts on our law firm’s other flat fee services.

Because our subscription plans charge for value instead of “by the hour” (as most law firms do), we’re incentivized to help your business succeed. We work with growing businesses in varying industries, from the solopreneur to those with dozens of employees.

By subscribing to Beaupre Law’s Outside Counsel plan, you can:

Focus on the growth and success of your business. We’ll ensure that any potential legal risks are addressed, so you can spend less time worrying and more time focused on doing what you do best.

Predictable fees and budgeting. Never worry about what it might cost to seek legal advice. With your subscription, you can confidently reach out when issues arise and you’ll also have a recurring monthly call with your lawyer.

Comprehensive Annual Business Risk Assessment. Our exclusive legal risk evaluation is a detailed wide-ranging check-up for your business, which we review and then advise about risk-mitigation strategies.

Holistic representation. Because we have an ongoing relationship together, we gain a better understanding of your business operations as we strive to deliver consistent value every month. You truly have a partner invested in the success of your business.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about Beaupre Law’s exciting Outside Counsel business law subscription plans, visit our website or give us a call!