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Business Law Services Dover NH

If you need business law services in Dover, NH, Beaupre Law can handle all your business’s legal needs. From business formation and agreement review to business sale and succession planning, Our business lawyer in Dover NH strives to provide excellent service for a flat-fee price. We will work hard to help you turn your business vision into reality, giving you guidance and expertise every step of the way. Furthermore, our consistently high service levels ensure that your interests are well taken care of while all the details are assessed and addressed with complete accuracy. With Beaupre Law at your side, you can have confidence knowing that our experienced business lawyer in Dover NH is looking out for you and your business’s best interests.

Services Offered

The following is just a selection of the services that we provide:

Entity Selection & Business Formation Dover NH

Single and multi-member LLCs, Corporations, and 501(c)(3) non-profits.

Operating Agreements Dover NH

Operating agreements outline your business' functional & financial rules and provisions.

Non-disclosure and Non-compete Agreements Dover NH

NDAs & NCAs are contracts that restrict the use & disclosure of confidential & proprietary information.

Contract Review, Audit & Management Dover NH

We will go through the legalese to clarify your rights and obligations, and bargain for a fair deal.

Employment Agreements and Handbooks Dover NH

These explain & refine your business' policies and procedures, and define expectations of employees.

Buy-Sell Agreements Dover NH

This is a will for a business. What happens if an owner dies or can no longer operate the company?

Simple and straightforward
Fixed Fees.

When hiring a lawyer, you should never have to guess how much it is going to cost. You have no idea how long the work will take a lawyer to complete, so when law firms charge by the hour, it can be daunting & unpredictable for you. And here’s the real kicker: law firms that do charge you by the hour know exactly how much time ought to go into your case. And if they don’t know that, they should. Why would anyone write a lawyer a blank check?

At Beaupre Law, there’s never any guesswork or unpredictability because we’ve killed the billable hour.  Our clients will never see a hidden cost or surprise bill. For all of our fixed fee services we’ll give you an up-front, transparent price based on the fair value of work performed – nothing more, and nothing less. 

Still not sure? To learn more about our flat fee businesses services, download our rate guide here:

*Note that litigation services (probate, workers compensation, personal injury) are not offered on a fixed fee basis. These matters are customarily billed either hourly or on a contingency fee basis where we only collect a fee if we obtain an award.

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