Estate Planning is our Passion

Personalized estate plans that define your lasting legacy and ensure your final wishes are met.​

We believe that great estate planning is about more than just signing some documents.

Rather, it’s about the memory you leave behind, it’s about responsibility, it’s about growing older and living well. It’s about good parenting, learning from our ancestors, and teaching younger generations about growing up and living well.

It’s more than estate planning – that’s why we call it “Life and Legacy” planning. When done well, by lawyers who truly care and have the right expertise, we can help you pass on the true meaning of inheritance, purpose and legacy.

Contact us today to learn more about our process. We believe in a fair, fixed pricing model with no hourly rates or hidden costs. The first conversation is educational for both us and you, so we can generate a plan that meets your needs. There’s no obligation to work with us, so talk with us today!

Based on 15 reviews
Linda Poirier
Linda Poirier
We had a very good experience with this office. Mr Beaupre very informative and helpful.
John Woodman
John Woodman
After my wife passed, I needed to work with an attorney to create a Living Trust. I connected with Beaupre Law, PLLC through a web search and have been extremely pleased with the support and guidance Tim offers. There were some personal circumstances that required some customization and Tim addressed those with ease. We used the Zoom platform for several meetings to hash out basics. Then, using an encrypted client portal to enter details and review drafts, the entire document was assembled for me to go over prior to an in-person review and signing meeting. The package is complete with re-titled deeds and full instructions for me and, eventually, the trust’s trustees. There was no pressure to hurry, Tim and his team answered my questions as they came up and the process was as stress free as I could ever imagine.
Paul Steer
Paul Steer
Tim was genuinely concerned about getting my family affairs in order. Super helpful and knowledgeable! Would recommend!
Mike Blackman
Mike Blackman
Great communication. Great use of technology. Seamless process to complete all of our estate planning needs. Highly recommend.
Seacoast Lender Dover, NH
Seacoast Lender Dover, NH
Tim and his team were amazing. They helped us construct a custom estate plan and trust. They explained the "why" and the "how" about each step and empowered us to make the decisions best for our desires. We were really pleased with the outcome. It was our 2021 New Year's resolution and we got it done!! Thanks Tim and Beaupre Law.
Bill Freddo
Bill Freddo
My wife and I recently moved o NH and needed to update our Trusts, wills, POAs, etc. Tim Beaupre at Beaupre Law, PLLC was just great to work with. His process for accomplishing our updates was very simple and straightforward with excellent attorney/client communication at each and every step. We really appreciated the personal touch that Tim's firm offered throughout our experience. We would highly recommend Tim and his firm Beaupre Law PLLC for any and all of your needs.
Donna Cordeiro
Donna Cordeiro
Tim made us feel very comfortable and confident when discussing end-of-life concerns and putting together our estate plan without trying to sell us products that we don't need. He and his staff are easy to work with and were always available to answer question.
Ilya Thomits
Ilya Thomits
Tim and his staff listened to needs, They provided much needed advice on the subjects we were asking about. Without talking down to us, they delivered the information in layman's terms. We had a good experience with a difficult subject. We would highly recommend the practice.

How we can help


A will is a legal document in which you decide how your assets will be distributed and who will care for your minor children.


A trust directs a third party (trustee) to hold and distribute your assets for the beneficiaries you choose.

Advanced Directives

Advanced directives allow you to decide how your medical care is handled if you can't do it yourself.

Durable Power of Attorney

A DPOA let's you appoint an agent to manage your affairs if you become incapacitated.

Medicaid Planning

Learn how to qualify for Medicaid coverage of Nursing Home Care using advanced planning strategies.

Asset Protection

Strategic planning can protect you and your spouse against threats to your assets during your life, and save your children’s inheritance after you are gone.

Our Process

Our process is designed to overcome the drawbacks of traditional lawyer-provided estate planning, which tends to focus on documents, not people. We understand that your time is valuable, and that making an estate plan may not be your idea of a good time. But you also deserve an attorney who is thorough and thoughtful. So, we’ve structured our process to make it as easy as possible for busy families to complete their estate plan. Here’s how we do it differently:

Contact Us

Reach out to schedule a free consultation. During the consultation call we’ll learn a little about you, answer any questions you might have, and explain how our estate plans are superior to most. If we’re a good fit for you, we’ll schedule an initial phone or video meeting when it is convenient for you.

Vision Meeting

The Vision Meeting is where we start learning about you, your goals, and your assets. At the end of the meeting, based on everything we’ve learned, we’ll propose a custom plan for you with a fixed price for our work. If you’re ready to move forward, you’ll make a 50% payment.

Design Meeting

The Design Meeting is where we really dig into the details of your life and legacy plan. We’ll talk about who you’d like to designate in important roles, such as trustees, executors and financial agents. Depending on the complexity of your estate, the design step may occur at the end of the vision meeting.

Signing Meeting

This is the formal meeting where your plan takes effect. At this point we’ve prepared all the documents and now we need your signature. After signing your documents, depending on your chosen estate plan, we may prepare beneficiary designation and other forms necessary to accomplish your goals.

Delivery Meeting

We meet one more time to deliver your plan documents to you. We remain available to you at no additional cost for a full year – during which time we will address any questions or concerns that you or your advisor might have.

Ready to get started? Don't wait - contact us now!